About SOHO

About Us

Soho Square Solutions originated in 2008, while the principal partner as well as many current employees were consulting for major wall street banks and management consulting firms. During this formative period, SOHO began to develop the core principles that would ultimately define our firm: discipline, creativity in solving complex business problems, and an unwavering “client-first” attitude.

SOHO has a long and well-documented history of helping executive leaders achieve organizational transformation. We have discovered that this is best accomplished through the calibrated alignment of people and processes with technology.

From the outset, we worked diligently to forge exceptionally deep relationships with our clients, a roster that included many of the same clients SOHO serves today. Our “client first” discipline has produced a long list of client success spanning over fifteen years and continues to differentiate us as a leader in today’s marketplace.

But our people and our work have remained true to our core commitment of delivering high quality solutions and helping our clients navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving global business environment. We have served as trusted advisor to top-tier clients through the booms and busts of the technology landscape, and have effectively mitigated their risks saving them literally millions of dollars. More recently we have managed high-profile projects through the economic downturn and continue to identify innovative ways to drive value and results for our clients in the most challenging of times. We’re proud of the fact that the original partners of SOHO have been together , comprised of a group of individuals who take the success of our clients very personally. The business and technology worlds have evolved considerably since our early days but our core values and commitment to excellence remain the same.

Philosophy and Methodology

At SOHO, we believe that your business’ ultimate potential is directly tied to the proper alignment of people, processes, and enterprise technology. Consequently, our core philosophy and approach to consulting center on the rapid identification of business opportunities and the deployment of solutions designed to deliver the requisite process and organizational change, coupled with smart IT solutions to capture those opportunities.

SOHO consultants are senior-level professionals with extensive experience in change management and the utilization of technology as a driver of business growth. Stemming from our belief in the importance of agility and responsiveness throughout the consulting process, we have built a company with minimal bureaucracy and the ongoing involvement of senior-level partners for the duration of our engagement with your organization.

Successful, long-term acceptance of process change is the driving objective behind the SOHO approach. From Change Management Leadership to Process Optimization and other core service areas, SOHO consultants are personally invested in the strategic outcomes and growth in your business.

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