Business Resiliency - BR On Demand

Business resilience is the ability an organization has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity. Business resilience goes a step beyond disaster recovery by offering post-disaster strategies to avoid costly downtime, shore up vulnerabilities and maintain business operations in the face of additional, unexpected breaches.
SOHO is an expert in business resiliency and provides clients with the BR On Demand solution.

The BR On Demand SaaS business resiliency solution automates all controls required for insuring business resiliency and for implementing failover and recovery strategies for every line of business within a corporation.
The product has been in use for over ten years and has stood the test of almost every conceivable business disruption: from floods in the IT room and wide-area electrical blackouts to Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy and the earthquake and tsunami at Fukushima.

We give the economic information for every line of business, its cost and profit profile.

The BR On Demand SaaS business resiliency solution is like a living entity in your organization: email or SMS “ticklers” are sent out to owners when data are missing or are out of date. Data normalization errors are immediately flagged and reported to a manager. Scenario building allows the owner to determine if a response has been thoroughly thought through and if any suspect links in the internal or external supply chain exist.

Management of lean IT PMO as part of a larger PMO

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