Capital Markets

SOHO is a leading Global Consulting and IT services company.

Soho has over 25 clients in the Capital Markets domain. Our clients range from investment banks to asset managers, retail brokers to custodians, financial information providers to industry regulators. The innovative solutions provided by SohoSquare Solutions enable our customers to respond to market changes, develop profitable customer relationships, and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of competition

Investment Banking

The solutions and services we offer our Investment banking clients are designed to improve customer experience, strengthen workflow management, improve business intelligence services, and modernize legacy applications.

Asset Management

SohoSquareSolutions works with several Asset managers across the globe. We offer a range of services that meet their needs across the front-office, middle-office, back-office through our IT and business process outsourcing solutions.

Broker Dealers

SohoSquareSolutions partners with some of the leading Retail Brokerage firms in North America, providing a broad range of IT and operations services to help them to enrich their customer experience, manage legacy applications, and comply with changes in the regulatory environment.