Talent Solutions

Contingent Workforce Staffing

Many companies now outsource the management of their contingent staffing programs to a managed service provider (MSP) or vendor management system (VMS). We have diligently worked to align our recruitment model with the MSP/VMS solution environment and have built a metric-based approach that complements this model, ultimately resulting in improved overall performance for our clients.

We seek to support our clients while maintaining a collaborative partnership with their MSP. Viewing the MSP as an extension of our sales organization, we let the programs sell our services on our behalf. We pride ourselves in our ability to build strong relationships with our MSP program managers, and continuously provide them with market data to help guide them and their client on industry trends and the competitive landscape. We excel in recruiting and delivery by promptly providing high-quality passive and active candidates to our clients. As such, SOHO has achieved continued success through the quality of service we are able to maintain.

Many firms look to create efficiencies and cost savings by offshoring recruiting and hiring lower skilled labor to source talent. Unfortunately, what generally results from this strategy is a high number of unqualified resumes, and ultimately more work for the program manager.

Our dedicated account teams deploy a proactively built candidate pool matched to specific client needs. We leverage the strength of our job profile repository, which reinforces a thorough understanding of resource needs across clients and geographies. By coupling the cost advantages of our Distributed Delivery Model with the incorporation of MSP fees into our pricing model, we are able to optimize our clients’ spend on contingent staffing.

Quite simply, SOHO’s goal is to support our clients by quickly and efficiently providing the highest caliber talent while fostering a collaborative and lasting partnership. SOHO is by far the easiest staffing provider you will work with !