Talent Solutions

Direct Placement

SOHO is committed to partnering with our clients to find the highest caliber talent to meet their business needs. We understand that the success of a placement is rooted in a trusting and collaborative relationship with our client.

We begin our search process by developing a thorough understanding of your organization, business culture, and hiring managers’ intangible candidate requirements. We believe fit is just as much about candidate capability as is it about cultural and personality compatibility. As such, SOHO commits to meeting all candidates and conducting comprehensive reference checks prior to submitting them for client consideration.
We strive to not to only attain a full understanding of each candidate’s skills and potential for success, but also to develop a strong partnership with each individual. Along with each position filled, we model all of our business practices around the key tenets of trusting and collaborative relationships.

Our recruiters maintain expansive sourcing avenues by continuously establishing relationships with top professionals who may be passive candidates. In doing so, our recruiters are also apprised of emerging industry and professional trends.

SOHO search consultants have extensive experience in the industry for which they source for and recruit talent through an extensive referral network. Our understanding of each targeted industry and specific position requirements gives us a strong platform with which to support our clients. We work closely with each client, leveraging our industry expertise to target and screen required talent with laser focus and accuracy.

We work closely with each client, leveraging, placement our industry expertise to target and screen required talent with laser focus and accuracy.