Enterprise Security Assessments (SESA)

SOHO Enterprise Security Assessments (SESA) examine a client’s information security program from two perspectives – at both a technical and program level. By using both automated and manual techniques and leveraging proprietary and commercial tools, SOHO Organizational programs ensure they meet business requirements and regulatory compliance. These programs include:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Infrastructure implementations
  • Security controls
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Security architecture reviews

SOHO consultants – most of whom are CISSPs – also perform root cause and comprehensive threat analyses to uncover vulnerable assets and the security threats they face. To ensure the accuracy and quality of results, consultants perform false positive validation on each and every finding and provide a full report including countermeasures necessary to secure vulnerabilities and ensure compliance. ESA services include:

  • Social engineering reviews
  • Physical security reviews
  • Wireless security testing
  • War dialing assessments
  • Customer security assessments
  • Remediation consulting support