Enterprise Threat Intelligence (SETI)

SETI continually monitors the global threat landscape for new and emerging threats in the wild, as well as security trends to improve Soho long-established and patented security framework.

Once identified, Soho team exaamines how an attacker could exploit the vulnerabilities to create a security risk or breach for the organization. The final report also includes counter measures to secure at-risk applications, assets and resources. It also contains recommendations to ensure compliance with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

Areas of Focus

Soho focuses on the following activities:

  • Researching recent security trends to forecast and understand threats
  • Data mining for early warning systems
  • Monitoring active threats in real-time
  • Researching new zero-day vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Analyzer creation (heuristics, anomaly, APT detection)
  • Building and maintaining an internal list of known malicious sites for real-time detection
  • Maintaining hacker and active third-party black lists for botnets, command and control sites and phishing attacks
  • Continuous global threat analysis and incident response
  • Malware forensic research
  • Vulnerability research, discovery and disclosure of newly identified vulnerabilities to software and hardware vendors
  • Custom signature development for zero-day vulnerabilities and high profile threats
  • Monthly security trend reports