Talent Solutions

Executive Search

SOHO is committed to partnering with our clients to pinpoint, identify, and recruit outstanding leaders.
We understand that the most successful companies achieve success through the leadership provided by a select few who drive growth and results. As expected, these individuals are often highly sought after and difficult to recruit.

The ability to successfully deliver this elite talent has contributed to our firm’s continued success. We never underestimate the challenge and urgency these searches present, and consistently achieve results through our tenacity, mutual trust with our clients, and overall passion for our work.

Our experience and recruiting relationships give us unsurpassed precision and speed in our searches. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by recruiting the executive that is otherwise perceived as unattainable. We are committed to delivering above the bar for every search.

Whether you are an investor looking to strengthen or enhance your portfolio management team, or an executive interested in learning more about prospective and exciting opportunities in your industry, we have the insight and expertise to support you.