Financial Enterprise Data Repository FEDR

Business Objectives

FEDR will provide the business with an application that pro- vides scale and cost benefit to all critical business projects that require transaction related information. These ben- efits should be realized through reduced number of interfaces between applications by FEDR being a single source of all or- der, execution, and transaction related information. FEDR will also need to fully support query and business intelligence tools that will allow the business to independently query transaction related information and create reports without IT’s assistance.

FEDR System Components

  • Pro-Active monitoring, Parameters and processes that need monitoring
  • Complexity and number of applications – Instances, Geographical locations,
  • Shared systems – Whether it uses any shared resources like, hardware, CPU, memory, bandwidth,
  • Production environment – Volume and transaction are high availability.


Financial Enterprise Data Repository (FEDR) project and related infra- structure is to create a single central- ized transaction repository. FEDR will function as a store of all trades by var- ious order management systems (OMS) deployed across the enter- prise.
FEDR will provide a common data model for all data of interest regard- less of the data source. This will make it easier to combine report and ana- lyze information that is currently across multiple applications in Front Office, Middle office and Back office systems.
This project will eliminate the need for maintaining data across multiple systems, and there will be a single source for all our data needs. A single consolidated da- ta model will increase the Data integrity/ quality throughout the enterprise. This will increase using and adopting industry wide standards across data naming con- ventions.
The Financial Enterprise Data Repository (“FEDR”) will be designed to facilitate re- porting and data analysis. This applica- tion will provide a centralized data repos- itory for transaction data which will ad- dress challenges currently encountered

Project Scope

  • The project will have multiple phases, beginning with Compliance focused for phase 1
  • Capture all phases of the order; submit, accept, cancel, cxl-replace, fills, busts, etc
  • Equities, Options, Futures and Converts only
  • Initial use of Accel Security Master, with eventual use of SRDR at a later phase
  • To include Fidessa, Portware, Quants, Accel, Pragma and other OMS order and execution details
  • Use existing resource pool for development and QA for phase 1
  • Disaster Recovery of the application is not required for phase 1
  • Database to be backed up via SAN storage