Macro Functions

  • Macro system would interface with SFDM (Simplified Finance Data Management) for header information.
  • Handle securities across multiple asset classes including Equities, Fixed income, Options, Futures, Exchange traded and OTC derivatives, Credit derivatives including CDS, IRS, TRS.
  • Support all transaction including buy, sell, cancel, amend, correct, corporate action, dividends, tax schedules including schedule B and Schedule D IRS forms.
  • Manage the sample plan and associate the routing information to MOT (Money Order Traveler).
  • Track the sample for every transaction and maintain the current status for the same.
  • Manage cut back funding operations, Routes, venues, attributes, templates, Sample Plan.
  • Perform user group management and Macro-codes with investment sub-functions
  • Integrate with various industry wide applications to fetch suspected cases for Macro and micro Analysis.
  • Provide key out of the box and adhoc Reporting functionality.