Business Objectives

Macro Finance Application that allows multiple instances of portfolio management for clients & individuals intends to develop, which can capture information regarding the ‘Macro Management’ done on Specimen. The Macro is the analysis performed on the financial portfolio magnification to check the allocation structure of the investments, which tells about composition/spread of individual elements as per the standards. Expected results are compared with the industry benchmarks for relative performance across different segments and strategies including long short, macro only, merger arbitrate, Statistical arbitrage etc.

MACRO Components

As to build a steady and high volume product, SOHO will build this application using Oracle 10g Application Server and Portal Server using J2EE architecture.
This is been integrated with Oracle 10G data warehouse and mobile OS including Android & iOS. Here, benefits of a data warehouse could be scaled down to the department or line of business, solving a particular business problem’s that provide a consolidated enterprise view across all lines of business.
SOHO wants to develop an Internet based Macro Applications with enterprise model supporting major mobile OS with the required functionality and with the extensible framework components that would allow seamless integration of other application under the same framework.


  • Macro system would interface with SFDM (Simplified Finance Data Management) for header information.
  • Handle securities across multiple asset classes including Equities, Fixed income, Options, Futures, Exchange traded and OTC derivatives, Credit derivatives including CDS, IRS, TRS.
  • Support all transaction including buy, sell, cancel, amend, correct, corporate action, dividends, tax schedules including schedule B and Schedule D IRS forms.
  • Manage the sample plan and associate the routing information to MOT (Money Order Traveler).
  • Track the sample for every transaction and maintain the current status for the same.
  • Manage cut back funding operations, Routes, venues, attributes, templates, Sample Plan.
  • Perform user group management and Macro-codes with investment sub-functions
  • Integrate with various industry wide applications to fetch suspected cases for Macro and micro Analysis.
  • Provide key out of the box and adhoc Reporting functionality.

Project Scope

Macro will be widely available in the market across various phases across third quarter of 2016 and subsequent phases to follow based on the client requirements and all throughout 2017 and 2018 for major financial clients. Macro uses strict quality control measures and information security protocols from focusing on the past experiences to-the gain to the customers. Key users includes portfolio managers and analysts at buy side firms, Investment banks, Asset management firms, mutual funds, pension funds, large corporations and institutions manage or deal with accredit investors including hedge funds and single family offices. The processes capture the entire trade life cycle from origination, capture, validation enrichment, down to books and records including regulatory compliance activities. Macro store, analyze and report the data using the array of applications will be ad-on features available in market basis on different platform and technologies. This could lead to decrease IT support costs. Using tight integration between these different applications and data warehouse, all critical information will be available and measured to compare across the enterprise. Therefore SOHO has decided to re-engineer the technology challenge for these platforms and make them available across the enterprise through a single Macro Portal.
The SOHO Macro Portal would be a unified enterprise wide platform that will provide vendor employees and partners a collaborative workspace which they can use for their day to day job functions, productivity tools, and information and knowledge management activities with a corporate financial model.