Elie Cohen

Vijay Veerachandran

CEO and founder

CEO and founder of SOHO, Vijay brings forth several years of consulting experience; he has worked for large banks as well as management consulting firms and in technology consulting, and has extensive staffing and search experience on a national level.

Vijay is an accomplished finance professional with multiple years of experience advising Finance and Investment Banking Institutions on F2B change and assisting C-level and senior management with program and project management for regulatory change initiatives.He has solid experience in managing complex cross border projects while delivering on time, within budget and exceeding expectations.Vijay is a recognized leader in technology transformation, defining continuous improvement processes, strengths in businesses processes reengineering, and providing solutions to achieve operations efficiency to realize significant benefits for business. He’s an expert on the intersection of Risk Management, Regulatory, Capital Markets, and Information Technology. Vijay is providing risk, audit, and compliance execution to financial services firms working side by side with clients to solve business and regulatory matters related to risk.